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Hair Colour Remover 



From MEDICHEM United Kingdom, producers of the world's leading professional Hair Colour Remover.

Kind formula works only on the coloured hair leaving natural regrowth unchanged.

Jo Baz Professional is unique in that it does not use peroxide and ammonia like all other hair colour removers (these swell the hair shaft and damage the hair). Jo Baz does not damage or 
weaken the hair whatsoever.

  • 3 X 300ml Bottles sufficient for 5 treatments
  • Use to remove any unwanted hair colour
  • Removes permanent and semi-permanant hair colour
  • Removes colour build-up
  • Safe and gentle with no ammonia or bleach
  • Can be used before any colour treatment
  • Includes unique conditioning buffer to strengthen and condition the hair.
  • Unique conditioning buffer prevents re-oxidation which allows for immediate recolour.

How Does JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Work?

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover works by reversing the dye process. When mixed and applied to the hair, parts 1 and 2 of JoBaz Hair Colour Remover shrink the artificial hair colour molecules (back to their original state before they entered the hair cuticle) meaning they simply detach and wash away leaving the hair cuticle completely.

The most important step of the JoBaz Hair Colour Remover process is the Buffering and rinsing stage. Whilst you have successfully shrunk the colour molecules back to their ‘pre-permanent’ size, they still remain inside the hair. If you do not completely flush them out, the air (oxygen) will cause them to oxidize and expand again – returning the hair to its previous dark colour. Therefore you must ensure the Buffer (Part 3) is used and the hair is rinsed for at least ten minutes, before, during and after applying this post treatment Buffer.

Information and Education 

JoBaz is the latest and most exciting tool for the colour box giving the ability to offer your clients a new service. The following clip with hair colouring expert Jennifer Morgan will help to give an overview of the product, what it offers to your salon and how it is used. 

Information Clip - A quick overview

The following is a full educational clip which goes through the hair colour removal process. This video will help the salonist see the colour removal process, provide information about how and when Hair Colour Remover can be used and what JoBaz offers to your clients.

Full Educational Clip - How and when to use in the Salon

Jennifer Morgan from Morgan & Morgan uses JoBaz to provide a fresh colour for her client


Download our handy FAQs here. These FAQs are a first stop for questions a salonist may have about using JoBaz Professional Hair Colour Remover


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